The School Day At Perrymount



Our Nursery is open at 9am each morning and runs till 12 O’clock.


Reception and Years 1 and 2


School starts at 8.55am

Lunch is from 12.15 to 1.30pm

School ends at 3.30pm

All children from the above age ranges must be collected at the end of the day by a known adult who is over 18. If you have to change who collects your child please introduce this person to the class teacher and /or office.


Years 3 and 4


School starts at 8.55am

Lunch is from 12.30 to 1.30pm

School ends at 3.30pm

Children from the age of 8 may start to walk home on their own but only with written adult permission.

Years 5 and 6


School starts at 8.55am

Lunch is from 12 to 1pm

School ends at 3.30pm

Children from this age range may walk home on their own.





Being on time for school is very important. Teachers start morning work as soon as the children enter the classroom so it is very important that they are on time. The bell is rung at 8.55am each morning and this is the time that school begins.

Consistent lateness causes children to miss a great deal of learning. For example 10 minutes a day is 50 minutes a week and over 6 weeks that is equivalent to one day of school.



Children are in school 190 days a year. These days are spread over 3 terms and each one of them counts. We expect all children to aim for 100% attendance and those that achieve this are rewarded at the end of the year. If your child does have to be absent from school due to illness then please let us know by ringing the school office. (0208 699 4522)  If we do not hear from you school will make contact to find out where your child is.

Please try not to book doctors or dentist appointments during the school day.  Holidays are not allowed during school time and will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.


Persistent lateness and absence.

If you are experiencing difficulties regarding either punctuality or attendance please talk to us and in the first instance make an appointment to see Mrs Kim Varma our parent liaison lead. Talk to her before things become difficult and referrals to Education Welfare have to be made which could result in a court fine.


The School Day at Perrymount




School Office 020 8699 4522

General Enquires:
Admissions/Wraparound Care:
All general enquires are dealt with by Ms Gambier, School Business Manager

Perrymount Primary School,
Sunderland Road, Forest Hill,
London, SE23 2PX
Head Teacher Ms Christine Keen

Any DPO issues, please contact Mr Stephen Williams,
Head of Information Security and Governance | DPO.
He can be contacted on either or 0208 314 6212