Modern Foreign Language

Curriculum Intent

It is our intent at Perrymount Primary School, to provide all of our children with a high-quality education in an additional language, which develops their love of learning for other languages and cultures.  From Year 3 our children learn French although we strive to provide children with opportunities to experience a range of other languages as well so to celebrate the growing diversity of our children and the languages that they speak. We believe that learning another language gives children a new and broader perspective of the world. This enables our children to understand their own cultures and those of others, which feeds in to our whole school values.

We want our children to have the courage to engage in spoken French, develop skills in listening, reading and writing in this language. We hope that all children will improve their resilience when using a language, finding them enjoyable and purposeful.  This results in our children developing a genuine interest and curiosity about languages. Our ultimate aim is that our children appreciate how important languages will be in their future and show a desire to continue their language learning beyond KS2. 

Curriculum Implementation

Nationally, the teaching of an additional language is statutory at KS2 and optional at KS1. At Perrymount Primary School, we teach French throughout Year 3 – 6 using the Scheme of Work Rigolo.  The scheme is a progressive one, which builds on previous learning and is taught in 3 key areas: Literacy – reading and writing in French, Oracy – communicating by listening to and speaking French, and exploring French culture.  Lessons are delivered primarily through the use of the interactive whiteboard, and involve a range of delivery styles from real-life videos to animated cartoons to ‘minigames’ to songs.  They have clear, achievable objectives and all children, regardless of needs. Have access to the curriculum through variation of tasks, grouping or support from Rigolo’s ‘virtual teacher’ or the teacher in the class.  Displays are used and updated regularly to remind pupils of key vocabulary.

Children are taught specific skills, concepts and vocabulary in a weekly-dedicated session, with the opportunity to practise and consolidate their skills at other times during the school week, registration for example.  Modelling is used throughout the teaching of French through the use of: I do, we do, you do.  Children are encouraged to actively participate in French leaning by joining in using words, phrases, songs and actions to reinforce their language learning. This integrated approach allows teachers to develop learning on a little-and-often basis and provides children with the opportunity to use and develop their language for communicating in real-life contexts.  

Teaching follows regular routines with songs and games that our children find enjoyable and motivating.  Children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 will be introduced to French through practical speaking and listening games and songs.  

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