Perrymount Primary School Remote Learning Offer

Remote Education Provision

The DFE expects all schools to have a contingency plan in place to provide remote education in case of a local outbreak of coronavirus. At Perrymount Primary School our primary aim is the safety and well-being of our staff and pupils. We recognise that a school closure will impact differently on all of us and we acknowledge that children and families will face a variety of situations and challenges. With this in mind we will take all steps possible to keep school open but have robust contingency plans should school or bubbles ever need to close.

Tier restrictions
The government has introduced a tier system by which local restrictions increase if the pandemic numbers are rising. In Tiers 1 to 4 school remains open as normal – although in tier 4 further restrictions about who can enter the school will be introduced by the school. EG visiting teachers / physiotherapists / contractors.

The country also has COVID emergency levels. If we reach level 5 the school will close except for keyworker and vulnerable children.

Continued Access to Learning
Whatever tier we are in under this contingency plan Perrymount Primary School will provide its pupils with immediate remote education. The purpose will be to ensure that any form of lockdown, national or class bubble, will have less impact upon the learning of our pupils.

How will this be achieved?
Since September we have been introducing to the students ‘Seesaw’. This is an online learning platform that allows the teacher to upload work, to mark and has a chat facility for students and teacher to keep in contact with each other. This has been achieved through both computing and subject focused lessons so that children become familiar with how the programme works. Classes have also been given homework to complete online to ensure access at home is working.

Teaching & Learning:
Our aim is to keep our core purpose of teaching and learning continuing as effectively as possible. While we will have high expectations of all pupils to complete the work set, we do recognise that health and wellbeing are paramount and we appreciate that the level of work that might be undertaken by a child will reflect the situation and circumstances at home. In light of this we will continue our weekly calls to vulnerable families/ students to ensure, as far as we can, all is ok.

Expectations for Online Learning during Partial/Full Lockdown (Seesaw)

Special Needs: For children with special educational needs (SEN) we realise this will have an impact on how Education Health and Care Plans are delivered. Extra attention will be given to meeting the individual needs of children and young people with SEN and their families in the event of a partial or full school closure. This extra support will be learning differentiated to each individual, weekly phone calls and online meetings to ensure EHCP plans are updated and reviewed as normal. This work will be coordinated by our SENCO.

Online Access at Home
We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home. In this instance, through the government scheme, chrome books will be loaned to enable children to access online learning. If any family needs this support they should email or phone 0208 699 4522.


School Office 020 8699 4522

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