At Perrymount we strive for every child to become a ‘Primary Literate Pupil’.  We aim to develop children’s literacy skills through a composite programme of speaking and listening, reading and writing, which is not just taught specifically but also discreetly throughout our entire curriculum approach.  Content is primarily based on the objectives specified in the English National Curriculum Programme of Study and planned through a number of programmes adopted by us at Perrymount.


Literacy begins with Speaking and Listening

Skills are taught throughout the curriculum and children are taught to become excellent communicators and to actively speak with confidence. We support and develop the use of ‘talk partners’ in all lessons and place a strong emphasis on drama and role play as a way of developing children’s language and ideas.



Beginning in Reception class, phonics is taught on a daily basis and follows the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc programme.  Children are initially taught letter sounds and then the skills of segmenting and blending. The teaching continues into Year 1 and 2 as the children are introduced to alternative graphemes, lesser known sounds and begin to learn some of the more complicated spelling rules.



At Perrymount we actively engage in many different types of reading activities – shared, guided and individual reading takes place throughout the school. Foundation and Key Stage 1 are encouraged to engage with the curriculum through the use of stories. Key Stage 2 regularly share a range of narrative and non-narrative texts to exemplify their learning in Literacy.

Reading for pleasure is promoted throughout the school, starting with aesthetically appealing book areas, in classrooms and shared spaces, designed to encourage children to explore a range of texts.  Books are regularly up-dated allowing children to discover both classic and modern texts. The enjoyment of story time is paramount at Perrymount.  All children are read to everyday. This ensures all children experience a wide range of quality texts whatever their level of attainment and exposes them to an abundance of story language and vocabulary.

In Foundation and Key Stage 1, children read every day as part of their phonics teaching. Having completed the phonics programme the children then embark on daily comprehension sessions designed at developing the children’s understanding of texts. In Key Stage 2, children follow the Destination Reader programme, an approach designed for children to read to learn rather than learn to read. All reading lessons happen daily and regular reading support is put in place for those children who require it. At Perrymount we positively encourage parents/carers to read regularly with their children.



Children have the experience of the full writing process, including editing and improving their work. The features and layout of a full range of genres are taught in both fiction and non-fiction with planned opportunities to write in context across the curriculum. Emergent writing is provided in a variety of contexts using a range of media in the Foundation and Key Stage 1.  This is supported through the use of Pie Corbett’s ‘Talk for Writing’ story telling into writing techniques. In Key Stage 2, writing is taught through the ‘Cold/Hot Write’ method by assessing what children can already achieve through the cold write, teaching the text type and culminating with the hot write.

The skills that children are taught underpin all other subjects.  They enable pupils to communicate and express themselves in all areas of their work.  Teachers will always make cross-curricular links wherever appropriate and will plan for pupils to apply their skills, knowledge and understand that they have acquired during Literacy to other areas of the curriculum.



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