Curriculum Intent

At Perrymount we recognise that physical activity and sport are essential parts of a child’s everyday life and are a key factor in their future well-being. We want every child to find enjoyment in physical activity and aim to provide them with a wide range of opportunities so that they can discover the right kind of activity for themselves and experience the benefits that an active lifestyle can provide. We recognise the value and importance of P.E. and aim to develop a fun, inclusive, high-quality curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed.  A curriculum which prepares and supports children towards healthy and active lifestyle choices for their future mental and physical well-being.

Our curriculum, which is underpinned by our school’s values, enables children to develop and embed a wide range of knowledge, skills and vocabulary so they can perform with increasing confidence and competence in a range of physical activities.  This knowledge, skills and vocabulary is re-visited and built upon year on year so to embed understanding and develop and refine each child’s physical ability.

We understand the importance of an engaging P.E. curriculum that is encouraging and promotes values that are transferable across the curriculum.  We are passionate about the need to teach children how to co-operate and collaborate with others as part of a team, alongside understanding fairness and the resilience to persevere.  Our PE curriculum promotes competitive sport where our children learn to transfer our school values in sporting activity so to understand and display good sportsmanship.

Curriculum Implementation

At Perrymount, the P.E. curriculum is taught through the use of The Power of P.E. scheme of work, all lessons are progressive and time is built into the curriculum to allow key skills to be repeated, practised and refined as and when necessary. The Power of P.E. is in-line with the National Curriculum and constructed to maximise quality of learning and outcomes.

Planning and delivery ensures:

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