COVID updates

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Dear All

I hope this letter finds you safe and well. I am sure, just like us, you are delighted that school reopens next Monday. Your support during lockdown has been amazing. Teaching your own child/ren is never easy but has been vital in keeping their school education moving forward. So thank you once again from us all.

This week we have been getting the building and outside areas ready and all COVID guidelines are in place.

When the children return, school will be exactly as it was during the autumn term with staggered starts, separate plays and all children and staff keeping to their own bubble.

As a reminder here is the timetable.

Class Start time Entrance Gate Home Time Exit Gate
Nursery 8.45 Main Gate 11.45 Office
  12.30 Office 3.30 Main Gate
Reception 9am – doors open 8.55am Office 3.30

Doors open 3.25

Entry Office

Leave Main Gate

Year 1 8.45 Main Gate 3.15 Main Gate
Year 2 8.45 Fire Gate 3.15 Main Gate
Year 3 8.55

Class doors open 8.50

Main Gate 3.25 Main Gate
Year 4 8.55

Class doors open 8.50

Fire Gate 3.25 Main Gate
Year 5 9am

Class doors open 8.55

Main Gate 3.30 Main Gate
Year 6 9am

Class doors open 8.55

Fire Gate 3.30 Main Gate

Nursery and reception parents may drop off and collect their child but only one parent at a time and while on school property please wear a mask, unless exempt.

Parents of children in Years 1 to 6 are not allowed in the playground before school. At collection time only one parent may enter the school grounds and again please wear a mask unless exempt.

While the COVID cases in Lewisham have dramatically fallen we still have to take every safety measure possible. We are aware that while schools are coming back the rest of the country is still in ‘Lockdown’ and we must all still follow the rules if we are to keep each other safe.

So as I did last September can I please remind you to;

The following weeks may not be easy. Some children and adults may be nervous about returning to school. We are fully aware that children will not have had the same lockdown experiences and it is our job, and not one we take lightly, to ensure that support is there if needed. 

We will do our best to not close any bubbles – when we reflect upon the last year it is astounding to think that the vast majority of Perrymount pupils have only had one term in school, We do not want to close again but school attendance is balanced against no one catching COVID so let’s do our best to ensure this is the case.

While I am looking forward to seeing you all next week (if only at a distance) I am totally delighted, excited and overjoyed to have the children back in school.

Best wishes always

Chris Keen

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 – pdf Letter Back to school

School Reopening March Risk Assessment

Thursday 11th February

Dear Everyone.

I hope you are well and continue to keep safe. I cannot believe that this half term is coming to an end. Please take time next week to relax and enjoy being with your children with no home learning from us. I think we all deserve a break!

In Lewisham the numbers of people infected with COVID continues to fall which is good news. It is now 171 per 100,000 for the majority of Lewisham residents although it remains high for the over 60’s and our local hospital is still very full.

These figures are very hopeful that we will soon be able to have some relaxation to the rules, but not yet. It still remains vital that we all continue to keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

Again, I would like to thank you all for your support in our home learning programme this half term. All of us at Perrymount appreciate that this has not been easy but the quality of the work produced shows the effort being made by you to ensure your children continue to receive the best opportunities possible.

Have a great half term and online learning will be back on Monday 22nd February.

Take care and keep safe.

Chris Keen

Thursday 11th February pdf version


Thursday 4th February 2021

Dear all

I hope you continue to keep safe and well.

I would like to start by saying a massive well done to all the children who are working so hard and also a huge thank you to all of you, who are supporting them. I do appreciate that home schooling is not easy but am very grateful for all that you are doing. In a couple of weeks we hope to know the plans for schools reopening. The Prime Minister has stated that March 8th will be the earliest and as soon as I have more information I will contact you.

Some much better news from Lewisham Public Health. Lewisham is now down to 289 cases per 100,000 testing positive for COVID. While this is so much better (700 two weeks ago) this figure is not true for all age groups. For people over the age of 60 the figure is 367. So keeping following all the rules is very important.  I know many people are finding this lockdown more difficult than the last. I was however reminded this week of the words of Sir Captain Tom, who has sadly died, ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’. I know all of us are looking forward to our tomorrow when we can meet again and give our families a hug and let us all hope that this will not be too long.

In the meantime you will be pleased to know that Michelle is much better and will be back in school next week. We have really missed her and are delighted that she is ready to come back.

Don’t forget we are here to help if we can. Please email me on or contact school on 0208 699 45252 if there is anything that we can do to support you.

Best wishes and Keep safe

Chris Keen

February 4th 2021 pdf version


Friday 22nd January 2021

Dear all

I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

I received this yesterday and I hope it helps out with accessing online learning

Mobile networks are to make online education resource Oak National Academy free to access until schools reopen.

Mobile customers with O2, Three, Vodafone, EE, BT, Virgin, Sky and Plusnet will be able to browse the site even if they are out of data.

We still have a few chrome books in school. To improve your child’s learning experience please contact me if it would be helpful to loan one. I do not have a vast amount but I would rather they were helping children learn than sitting in a cupboard.

Some better news from Lewisham Public Health. Lewisham is now done to 700 cases per 100,000 testing positive for COVID. While this is still high it is lower than last week when it was over a 1000 cases. We must however still follow all the lockdown safety measures if we are to get it to where it is low enough for school to open.

I know some of you are aware that Michelle has been very ill with COVID. You will be pleased to hear that she is on the mend although I do not think she will be well enough to come to work for at least a couple of more weeks.

Don’t forget we are here to help if we can. Please email me on if you have any questions.

Best wishes Chris Keen

COVID updates January 22nd PDF version

January Reopening Risk Assessmnet


Friday 12th March 2021

COVID updates for March 2021

COVID updates from 26th March 2021


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